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Experience Matters

In the fast paced business of fulfillment, experience matters. Las Vegas FulfillmentSM has been successfully providing fulfillment services for 18 years, working with companies of all sizes from start ups to large corporations like Oracle and Staples. We can handle all of your warehousing and fulfillment needs, and with our customized fulfillment services, e-commerce integrations, and on-site copy and bindery center, we can help your business thrive.

Getting Started

During our discovery phase, our sales and technical staffs will review with you the requirements of your fulfillment program. We'll discuss your current pain points, your program's necessary customizations, and your plans for the future. We'll also discuss your packaging and shipping requirements. We have a commercial printer on staff with 30+ years of experience for all your packaging needs. We also have strong partnerships with small parcel (UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL) and LTL freight carriers. Together we'll develop a high-quality fulfillment program, that's scalable, at a cost that's right for you. Should you require a tour of our facility, please call us at (702) 997-6988. We love company!

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The Fulfillment Lifecycle

The fulfillment lifecycle begins with us receiving your products. Products can be sent to us via truck line, small parcel freight, or you can bring them yourself. Once all items have been received, we will begin a full inventory count, and enter the information into our warehouse system. From there, we will integrate our warehouse system with your shopping cart to fully automate the order management process. As orders come through our warehouse system, we will pick, pack, and ship your orders. As orders are completed, our warehouse system will update your shopping cart with tracking data. If for any reason a customer needs to return an order, Las Vegas FulfillmentSM can handle that as well. Upon receipt, we will inspect the returned item(s) and refurbish the item(s) using the processes agreed upon during the discovery phase.

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E-Commerce Integration

Las Vegas FulfillmentSM can integrate with your shopping cart to automatically update your online store with shipping information. We can also accept encrypted and plain-text batch files from call centers.

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  • Volusion (requires Gold Plan)
  • UltraCart
  • Shopify
  • Magento (Community Edition)
  • BigCommerce
  • CRELoaded
  • Amazon Seller Central
  • PayPal
  • OSCommerce
  • XCart
  • Zen Cart
  • Batch Files (CSV, XML)

Products We Fulfill

An icon representing our book fulfillment service.

An icon representing our catalog fulfillment service.
Catalog & Mail Order Products

An icon representing our apparel fulfillment service.
Apparel & Shoes

An icon representing our herbal fulfillment service.
Herbal Supplements

An icon representing our natural product fulfillment service.
Natural Products

An icon representing our nutraceutical fulfillment service.

An icon representing our retail fulfillment service.
Retail Products

An icon representing our software fulfillment service.
Software (DVDs, CDs, USB Flash Drives)

An icon representing our PC parts fulfillment service.
Computer Parts & Accessories

An icon representing our cosmetics fulfillment service.
Cosmetics & Skincare

An icon representing our e-commerce fulfillment services.
E-Commerce Products

An icon representing our overflow fulfillment services.
Overflow Fulfillment

Location Matters Too

Las Vegas Fulfillment's warehouse is just off of I-15, the main freeway in Las Vegas. Our location makes it easy for your truck driver, or small parcel freight line, to find us and unload quickly. We understand that time is money, and our job is to make it work for you!

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No Hidden Charges

While other order fulfillment centers nickel-and-dime you with fees, Las Vegas FulfillmentSM gives you one price for pick and pack charges. Most orders can be picked and packed for $2.50. We also have tiered pricing, so as your volume grows, your cost goes down. View our comparison chart below, and see for yourself why Las Vegas FulfillmentSM is the right choice for your fulfillment program.

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No Theft

We're proud to say that in our 18 years of providing top-notch fulfillment services, Las Vegas FulfillmentSM has had zero instances of theft! We take great care during the recruitment process to ensure that we hire only the best team members to work with our clients' products. Your products' safety, and our team members' safety, are of the utmost importance to us.

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Las Vegas FulfillmentSM vs. The Competition

So how does Las Vegas FulfillmentSM stack up against the competition? View our comparison chart below, and see how much you could save by using Las Vegas FulfillmentSM. Beware of fulfillment houses who don't charge set up fees or have low per order fees. They will make up for the lost revenue by nickel-and-diming you for every order or communication you send, costing you more over time.

Las Vegas Fulfillment's Logo The Competition's Logo
Started fulfillment services in 1994.[1] Started fulfillment services in 2007.[2]
We insure all clients' products against fire, theft, and flood. No insurance offered.
Allows you to use your own shipping accounts (so you're in control). Must use their shipping accounts. They mark up the price.
Monthly or Weekly billing available. Credit cards and checks welcomed! Weekly billing only, charged to your credit card.
Flat rate per order charge. No nickel-and-diming! Nickel-and-dime pricing structure.
Per pallet storage fee: $15.00 each. No gimmicks! First four pallets of storage: $22.50 each. Each additional pallet: $15.00.
Temperature-controlled storage offered for cosmetics, skincare, and natural products customers. No temperature-controlled storage offered.
[1] Company started as First Class Mailing in Palm Desert, CA in 1994.
A fulfillment house addition to the area's largest commercial print shop.

[2] Domain name was registered on May 27, 2007, according to

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